How To Update Pubg Mobile 1.1 Update

The next iteration, ie, the PUBG Mobile 1.1 update, is set to complete on November 10 and will bring a Metro Royale gameplay lobby, new themed gameplay modes and more.

  The developers have released patch notes for the update and also revealed that the server will not be taken down for maintenance.

Winter Festival Theme (since December)

  A cold wave has killed Erngel, covering the sea surface in waves of ice.  Follow them to find a randomly looking Winter Castle Paradise, get into jolly snowball fights with friends, and snowboard to your heart's content.

  Along with the chill, cold wave has also added to the warmth of the holidays.  Visit the Winter Festival Hut and Gift Pine Tree that appear next to the city, and participate in the festivities with their peers.

  Adjustment of mode availability times

  Infection Mode and RageGear Mode will be taken offline for further tuning.

  Payload 2.0 mode will start every Friday, Saturday and Sunday instead of UTC + 0.

  Throw fair weapons

  Players with melee weapons can now toggle the throw mode.

  New Item: Spike Trap

  The Spike Trap appears on the ground in classic mode and can be used in the throwsable item tab after being picked up.  Place the trap on the ground the tires of the puncture vehicle that passes over them.

  Control settings sharing

  A code for a player's control and sensitivity settings can be generated and shared, allowing other players to be able to replicate them.

  Quick throw

  Once it is enabled in the setting, players will be able to quickly throw by swiping the screen.

  Combat improvement

  Added Win94 vision sensitivity settings to the settings interface.

  The maximum sensitivity of the gyroscope increased to 400.

  When the players are driving, their weapon is shown.

 Pubg Mobile 1.1 Update

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