About the Game

  Rogue Heist is a unique experience of an heir, which is intense, engaging and fun in a truly competitive real-time multiplayer environment.

Rouge Heist Battle Royal Game Android

  The game available on MPL is Rogue Heist - BRWL, a superfast, action-packed esports version.  Each game lasts only five minutes with 4-8 players ready to steal the maximum amount against each other.  Here, players get the real experience of an heir, yet are the top achievers based on their individual performance.  Depending on the leaderboard, the top players will win a cash prize on the MPL, taking it with actual cash money.  If you like free fire games then you will definitely like this game.

Rogue Heist Indian 1 Shooter Game

  Rogue Heist is one of the first multi-player esports on the MPL platform and users will face off against each other with cash prizes for the graves for each battle and tournament.  MPL currently has more than 40 games on its platform.