PUBG Mobile has started rolling out its 1.0 update with Erangel 2.0.  The new update brings a major change in the game with visual changes, system improvements and a new map.

  The new PUBG mobile update can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  With this update PUBG mobile developers promise "the most authentic and immersive experience on mobile".  Players will also see changes in their characters, main lobby lights, and environments.  Functions such as parachuting, sprinting and throwing will also provide a more captivating battle royale experience.

1.Vip Antiban Virtual

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In PUBG Mobile 1.0, areas like vegetation, sky and water are getting more texture quality.  PUBG Mobile has also improved interactions, visuals, motion and sound effects in this update.  The interface will feature visual technology elements as well as new color tones from Don Cyan, Smoke Gray, Hope White and Jeet Yellow.


  This update also brings the much-awaited Erangel 2.0.  Some of Erangel's hottest places like Sosnowka Military Base, Mansion, Mylta Power and Quarry Gel are getting a visual makeover.  Georgopol is also getting seven new warehouses.  Arnagel also has trenches, wooden barricades, and abandoned tanks, and some buildings also have more cellars so players will have more facility to locate loot.

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  This is probably the biggest PUBG mobile update ever, and sadly in India, players will not be able to experience it as it will have to be downloaded through the App Store.  PUBG Mobile was removed from the Play Store and App Store last week soon after it was banned in India.  The game can still be played for those who installed it on their devices.