Discover the funniest multiplayer physics puzzle platformer!

  In Human: Flat Flat You play as a staggering human, who dreams about real places full of puzzles from which he is

yet to get out.  Exploration and creativity are important, because every option is welcome!

  PARKOUR has mastered the robbery art

  You can walk (straight), jump, grab anything, climb anything, carry anything.  Mastering moves will be your first delightful challenge.

  Solve solved-budding puddles

  Explore 10 open levels filled with challenging puzzles and hilarious distractions.  Try new paths and learn all the secrets!

  Play with friends, family, or porters

  Work together to achieve any task - or spend hours pretending to each other as possible.  Play with 4 players for wacky mayhem!

  Customize your character

  Dress your human in dozens of silly outfits.  Be a dog, ninja, princess ... whatever!  Mix and match with endless combinations.

  The world may be imaginary, but the laws of physics are very real!

  what's new

  Now includes new ICE levels