The game also has custom gamemodes and modding support. He considered modding support as an important part of full support, as when he made his debut with Mods, he wanted to enable others to create variations in his game so that he would "be the next  Can detect playernuel ". This was aided by a quiet release of custom server support for several influential streamers, which later made it into a public release. In one case, "zombie mode", all four players pretend to be zombies, who can sometimes disassociate themselves by removing all clothing and are limited to collecting only melee weapons and consumables.  , And must run to attack the other four players, who are able to collect all the gear and try to beat the zombies. Inspired by this mode, Green announced an official zombie-based gameplay mode based on it in Battleground. While most of the rest of the team continued to develop core gameplay and maps, Green is taking on zombie mode as a closer project, using only the aid of the lead animator to help with zombie animations  Used to be. Green Batlground want sees itself as a platform, and developed by players to see more custom game type and mode.  [12] Green recognized that some of the modes he had previously worked with on ARMA 3 could become part of the Battlegrounds platform.  [12] Green also wants to incorporate the game with streaming services such as Twitch, which will enable replay or other features to treat Battleground as an esports, calling it an "ultimate ultimate goal" for its development  , But he wanted to tell nature how it would happen?  Play naturally with the players