PUBG Corporation stated that there were plans to port to additional platforms, such as PlayStation In an interview shortly after Gamescom, Green stated that his deal with Microsoft led to a PlayStation 4 port  , But at that time his focus was only on the Windows and Xbox One versions, given the small size of his team. When asked about it in January 2018, Kim stated that the team first accessed the Steam and Xbox game preview games, as they could easily release in-development games and  Could update over time, which was in contrast to Sony's drawbacks.  Their own early access program, as well as their strict quality control for the full game. The PlayStation port was officially announced in November, and released on December 7, 2018.  Brian Corrigan, head of PUBG Corporation Studios, said that while he had a small team working on the PlayStation 4 port for some time, it was only up to Xbox One.  The port was mostly completed so that they started working solely on the PlayStation port.