The game's concept and design was led by Brendan Green, better known by his online handle player, who previously inspired ARMA 2 Mod Days: Battle Royal, an offshoot of the popular Mod Days and the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royal  Was made through  [10] [11] Around the time he created DayZ: Battle Royale, around 2013, Irish-born Greene lived in Brazil for a few years as a photographer, graphic designer and web designer, and Delta Force: Black Hawk Down  And played video games like the US Army.  [12] [13] Days Mod caught her interest, both as a realistic military simulation and its open-ended gameplay, and began to play with a custom server, learning programming as well.  Gone.  [12] Green found most multiplayer first-person shooters to be too repetitive, considering the map to be short and easy to remember.  He wanted to create something with more random aspects so that players would not know what to expect, a high level of repetition;  This was largely done by creating large maps that could not be easily memorized, and using random item placement across it.  [16] Green was also inspired by an online competition for DayZ called Survivor Games, which featured a number of twitch and YouTube streamers, with only a few left;  As he was not a dreamer himself, Green wanted to create a similar game mode that anyone could play.  [16] His initial attempts at this mode were more inspired by the novels The Hunger Games, where players tried to try to stockpile weapons at a central location, but moved away partially to allow players to move weapons around.  To give a better chance of survival by spreading, and also to avoid copyright issues with novels.  [11] Taking inspiration from the film Battle Royal, Green wanted to use square safe zones, but his inexperience in coding prompted him to use circular safe zones instead, which continued for Battleground.