The winning pass is going to follow a season format, which will give gamers a chance to earn more Battle Coins (BCs), a better ranking with new missions and challenges.  The highest rank on Winner Pass is going to be as opposed to 30, PUBG Mobile or PUBG which gives a rank of up to 100 on Royal Pass.


The Winner Pass offers special items like the Prisoner Outfit, Portable Closet, Skull and Flower plane finish, a rename card, Pan Skin, Smiley Parachute, Witherer AKM Skin and more, including Battle Coins. If players go for the Elite and Elite Plus Winner Pass they get 1000 BC and 3000 BC respectively, as soon as they complete the purchase. The Elite Plus Winner Pass offers extra Elite Missions and more rewards including a 10-rank gain, a new plane finish, and exclusive outfits.


Just a few days back we reported that PUBG Mobile Lite had topped the charts on the Google Play Store in the “Top Free Games” chart. A slimmer and lighter version of the full-fledged PUBG Mobile game, PUBG Mobile Lite is optimized for lower-end Android smartphones. The game has been built using Unreal Engine 4 and has an installation pack size of just 400MB. This is designed to work smoothly even on phones with 2GB of RAM, which basically makes this the perfect download for gamers who may have the more affordable Android phones.


The Winner Pass is offered in three variants.  The first is a free pass, then an elite pass and an elite plus pass which can be purchased using Battle Coins or BC.  Players need 300 BC for Elite Winner Pass and 2700 - 800 (difference of discount) BC on Elite Plus Winner Pass.  BC can be purchased through an in-game shop.  Free Winner Pass unlocks items up to level 15 while the other two upgrades introduce items all the way to level 30.