The main thing is that once you unlock this trick you will not need a VPN the next time.  Keep reading to know more about this trick and keep moving forward step by step and know the things given below.

What will you get in this No VPN Event Trick?


  Premium Crate Coupon - 1

  Supply Crate Coupons - 2

  Classic Crate Coupons - 2

  Free Kar98 skin for 15 days

  Free parachute for permanent skin


I have tested this trick on my emulator and then sharing it with all of you.  If you have any doubt about this trick, please let me know in the comment box.

  This event is about login and staying online.  So you can say that its simple can get all coupons and skins for free.  This trick requires some additional technology to get these awards, which is what you need to change your country of choice.

PUBG mobiles are being hardened against hacking as they are making it difficult to use VPN tricks.  Let's see how to get all the things above if you like this trick then please share it with your friends.

Before we start clarifying one thing to me, this trick is taken from a channel and I have personally used it on my actual account.  I don't know if it affects our profile if we change the country area or not.  The hope is that this will not adversely affect player profiles.  let's get started.