In today's article, we will know what VPN is and how it works.  Android smartphone users are increasing every day all over the world.  Every day on the Internet, we find many things and do a lot of work on it, like online transactions, downloading movies and musics, give your personal details to sign in on other websites, watch lots of videos on YouTube.  There are more things like etc.  But sharing your personal details on the internet is very dangerous because the online world is full of bad people who can steal your personal details and even blackmail.

 Hackers and snoopers always keep in mind that when they can steal the necessary data of a person and will be able to demand more money in return.  But with the changing time, the security of internet is being taken care of and some changes are also being made in it.  We are all lucky that in today's time while working online, we have an easy way to overcome the fear that we face every time and its name is VPN.  You all must have heard about VPN sometime, what is VPN and how does it work?  Today I am going to tell you about it.