If you have not changed your name yet, you may need a name change card.

  The item is available to all users who have updated to version 0.4.

  If you have not collected the card, go to events and collect your update reward.

  Now, go to the inventory and open the 'box' item at the bottom.

  Use the existing rename card to make the changes you want.

  If you have used the card received after 0.4 update than follow these steps: -

  Complete all levels until level 10.
  Collect your mission rewards for level 10.  These will also include a name change card.

  Use the card highlighted above.

  And last you can buy it from the game store.  It will cost you 180 UC (in sports currency).

Here is the first way to change the name to pub mobile for free.
  First, go to the chat option on your home dashboard

  Now goto home option (scroll down you will get this option)

  Now just click create and name it anything

  And send any message here

  Now goto achievement and take name card or just click on collect all.

  Now goto list and use this card to change the name.

  Playing crew challenge

  Hey, guys, you can change unlimited names by playing the Crew Challenge daily.  All you have to do is try to kill the enemies that you can kill and try to survive to the last time, revive your teammates and take health as many times as you can.  To obtain, the Crew Point Chicken Dinner is not mandatory.  So by playing you can earn up to 400 crew points daily.

  How to get a rename card using crew points

  First, go to the bus crew option

  Then goto the shop option.

  Now as you can see in the image you can change the name by investing 200 crew points.

  If you have multiple crew points, just click the rename card and change your name in the pub's mobile.

  How to play crew challenge

  As you can see in Mortal Stream they are playing Crew Challenging daily around 6-8 pm.  To play the Crew Challenge, you must first go to the Crew Challenge option and register your crew.  You need at least 6 people with whom you can play the Crew Challenge in the given time.  You just have to be ready with your squad at certain times.