Complete weekly and daily missions: by completing these missions, you will gain not only diamonds and battle points.  You can also get other types of rewards such as heroes, survivors and schemes.  There is at least one mission each day that will grant diamonds and battle points.  The missions are available for The and Save the World game modes.  Therefore, you can get Diamonds And Battle Points for free regardless of the version of the game you prefer to play.  If you want to collect as many diamonds and battle points as possible, be sure to complete these missions.

Add your schemes, heroes, survivors and weapons, as well as other items to the Book of the Collection.  Keep in mind that doing so will deplete your collectibles.  But, if you do, you will gain experience points in your Collection Book.  You will level up once you have accumulated enough points.  You will also earn rewards.  While there is a good chance that you win diamonds and battle points as a reward, it may not always happen.

As mentioned, diamonds and battle points are very important in Free Fire Hack.  The good news is that there are different ways to get them.  Here are some of them:

1.Propose Emote

2.Backpack Skin

3.Awm Skin
The currency of the game, Diamonds And Battle Points, helps make the game much more exciting and fun.  You can buy different items in the Free Fire Hack store, including Battle Pass and cosmetic updates.