If you don't know what i'm talking about go to achievements, then the items category and look for "Skeleton Hand" "Circus" "Hot Pizza" "White Rabbit" "Neon Punk" and "Death Squad" I have not seen any of those items. Was wondering if anyone had a clue

PUBG devs want to change this and make things more fair for the players. And towards this end, the new update will ensure that crated bought with BP are always unlocked. In fact, the company will not be releasing any more locked crates henceforth. The skins that can be obtained from these unlocked crates will be at par with the direct-purchase, premium skins that are available. But the chances of getting skins in these crates will be random, because PUBG Corp wants to distribute the rarities.

Tencent the developer of famous Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile has recently collaborated with Godzilla the King of Monsters. This collaboration brings a number of new outfits and updates in the game. These new outfits are available to purchase in shop section with the exchange of UC cash of PUBG Mobile. But whenever a new event is introduced in game, people also want some tricks to get these outfits for free.