Only for a limited time, get a chance at the Godzilla Suit Outfit in Premium Crates. Who can really say they've never wanted to cosplay everyone's favorite King of the Monsters? Get it now!

Here you can preview the skin of Godzilla Suit and find out how to get this skin before it expired.

PUBG Mobile has landed yet another crossover event and this one is monstrous, sort of. Tencent has been teasing a collaboration with the freshly released Godzilla: King of the Monsters for quite some time, and now, elements from that crossover are trickling down in the hit mobile game. There is nothing substantial with the PUBG Mobile x Godzilla: King of the Monsters crossover such as a whole Godzilla-themed event, but there is enough to make fans of the titanic monster happy, thanks to items such as a Godzilla-themed outfit, t-shirt, etc. And oh, there are a lot of Easter eggs too, scattered throughout PUBG Mobile that are waiting to be discovered by fans of Godzilla and other titans appearing in the monsterverse.

Godzilla Backpack

This costume has wings like the eponymous titan and also comes with a new emote that mimics its electrifying roar. Other clothing items include Godzilla and Ghidorah t-shirts, as well as a bullet-deflecting pan with Ghidorah's insignia.