PUBG Mobile has released a new event about its Hellowen Celebration movie. Though players across the world were expecting PUBG Mobile to launch its 0.16.0 in Global, it hasn’t been done yet. So, you might have to still wait for the update be released in the Global version of the game. But now a new event called Lucky Spin event, which is based on Hellowen, is available in the game. The event comes with two brand new attires, new pan skins and other items in it. 

I’m 99% sure that if you pay for the first spin of the day on the lucky spin (which is at a discount for 10uc) there’s actually no chance you get anything good.
I have opened the last 3 lucky spins 15 times each, all for 10uc, once a day, that’s 45 spins. Over half of the spins, the “lucky” spin has landed on a purple. However every single time, the purple it lands on is the paint can or parachute trail.

I am 99% sure that it’s actually not possible to get any other purple other than the paint can or parachute trail unless you pay the full 60uc price for a spin.