How To Get Free Backpack Skin In Pubg Mobile

Hey, the title says it all. I must've tried everything but I just cannot make it happen. I don't like the way my character looks when the backpack is on but I do not want to remove the skin when I'm not in the game. So if anyone knows, please let me know. If not, please Tencent, make it so that we can CHOOSE to wear the Helmet and Backpack skins shown when we're in the lobby, not force us to show them off.

1. Red Backpack - Click Here

According to what I understand, you want to not wear your helmet/backpack in the lobby but that devoids you from using that skin in the game. What I do is, I chose my helmet skin in the lobby, then go to hats section and put one. That removes the helmet. Now I press the hat again to remove it as well. This way you'll have helmet skin in game

2.irradiated frog Backpack - Click Here
Code - REWS4UF That will unequip the skin too, so you will have to equip it back again whenever you're gonna get in the game. Need a better solution my friend.

3. Snowflake Girl Backpack - Click Here

you can remove the helmet with wearing hat and removing it but nothing works for backpack.

4.Blood Rain Backpack - Click Here

5.Angry King Pig Backpack - Click Here

6.Silly Reindeer Backpack - Click Here


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